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Quality Assurance


High quality products are guaranteed by our specialists with 20-year working know-how.

Compatible Price


DS Korea suggests the most reasonable price to our clients through an automatic processing system and efficient manufacturing procedures.



DS Korea will keep clients’ confidence through uncompromising honesty and sincerity.

DS Korea Products



It can be used for any purpose, such as industrial use, office equipment or repairs, since it can be cut easily.



Cloth masking tape can be used for various purposes such as general use, construction, car repairs and electronics. Also, it is useful when bonding and repairing joint parts, or categorizing things.

Fluorescent TAPE

Fluorescent TAPE

Fluorescent cloth tape can be used to indicate directions or the locations of various facilities in factories, offices, or schools.

Gaffer TAPE

Gaffer TAPE

Gaffer tape is often used for plays, stages, performance and filming.

General tape (domestic)

General tape (domestic)

It is often used for packaging or industrial purposes.

Welcome to DS Korea 

DS Korea Co., Ltd. is the expert on cotton duct tapes

and has provided  several kinds of products

at home and abroad since 2013.  


DS Korea Co., Ltd has short history than other companies in the same industry.


Althought DS Korea Co., Ltd has relatively

short experience than competitors,

our employees have been engaging 

in more than 20 years on average in the field.

DS Korea Co., Ltd is a reliable and hardworking

company, and we are looking forward to having

business with you.

Thank you very much.


- DS Korea family - 

Where is DS Korea ?

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DS Korea Co., Ltd.

274-33 ,Yeoneun-ro, Eunjin-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungnam, Korea, [Post Number:33003] 
충남 논산시 은진면 연은로 274-33번지, [우편번호:33003]

Tel : 82-41-742-9994  Fax : 82-41-742-9996  / Tel : 041-742-9994  Fax : 041-742-9996

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Company :   上海韩幸贸易有限公司 / Address :  上海市金山区亭林镇寺平南路19号1栋A85室。

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